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Moscone-Milk newscast.

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Moscone-Milk newscast.

Published November 27, 1978

KPFA devoted the bulk of their November 27, 1978 news program to the coverage of the assassination of Supervisor Harvey Milk and San Francisco Mayor George Moscone. The tape begins with Dianne Feinstein announcing Moscone and Milk's deaths to a shocked and stunned crowd. Leely Franklin reports on the assassinations for KPFA. Mel Wax, the mayor's press secretary, delivers a statement at City Hall shortly after the shooting. Feinstein, the acting mayor of San Francisco, proclaims a state of mourning in the city. Chronology of assassinations. Biography of Dan White. Rob Waters from People's Media Collective follows the events leading up to White's resignation from board of supervisors. Ray Brown of Caldwell Banker explains his relationship to Dan White. Willie Brown and Mervyn Dymally speak about the shootings. Helen Mickiewicz reports on Moscone's career in office. Philip Muldarey discusses the life and career of Milk, the first openly gay elected official in California. Tom Ammiano of San Francisco's Gay Teachers Coalition remembers Milk. Interview with a neighbor of Milk's. There is an announcement of a memorial candlelight vigil in the Castro that evening.

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